Jaypee Kensington Park Plot Phase 2


Jaypee Greens Kensington Park Plot Phase 2, which is in Sector 131, is a ready-to-move-into village of houses in Noida. The prices for the homes range from the low hundreds to the thousands. These rooms are the epitome of luxury and comfort, with no expense spent to meet your every need.These rooms were made with you in mind in every way. This building has flats with anywhere from one to six bedrooms. Now that people have started moving in, this apartment building might be ready to be called a home.Home plots are for sale around Kensington Park Plots in the Noida neighborhood of Jaypee Greens Wish Town. This Jaypee Greens Property was made to meet the wants of wealthy people like you and has everything you could want. Those who don't want an even better life should go somewhere else. It would help if you used this time to build the house of your dreams and give in to your wants.Kensington Park aims to be your dream home, a beautiful place of lifestyle community living in India. Here, you can make your dreams come true daily, not just think about them. All the houses in the area were built and planned by experienced builders and designers, and you can see their work in every detail.Depending on what the buyer wants, home plot sizes in Noida run from 128 square meters to 460 square meters. The people who bought these private lots were allowed to build the homes of their dreams on the land they purchased.

Additional Information about Jaypee Kensington Park Plots Phase IIJaypee Greens Kensington Park Plots Phase 2 is a new residential area near the Noida Expressway in Noida, India. It was built with much thought and is in a great spot. In Jaypee Kensington Park Plots Phase 2, you can buy a condo for between 1.98 and 2.09 billion Indian rupees (Crore). These prices are pretty low. It is always kept in great shape and covers 1162 acres of land. The complex had 700 flats, and all of them had enough airflow.The apartments in this building were made so that as many people as possible would be interested in them. The houses in this project were made with care and are now in a state where people can move in. This is done so that the desires of as many people as possible can be met. The property units range in size from a 1 BHK private house (1,377.0 sq. ft.) to the same size. Jaypee Kensington Park Plots Phase 2 can now be built, as the green light has been given. Proof of occupancy was also given to them when they moved in. Jaypee Greens, a well-known building company, has been in charge of the Jaypee Greens Kensington Park Plots Phase 2 project since the beginning.Residents of Jaypee Greens Kensington Park Plots Phase 2 will have access to a helicopter, a private pool, a private jacuzzi, a pool with temperature control, a pool with a view of the sea, a sky deck, and a building that can withstand earthquakes. This work is being done by the people at Sector 131, Noida, Delhi NCR 201307, and you can reach them there. If you buy in Jaypee Greens Kensington Park Plots Phase 2, you can have all the nice things you want without draining your bank account.

Floor Plan of Jaypee Kensington Park Plots Phase II

The floor plan will show you exactly how big the rooms are, how they fit together, and how the house is set up as a whole. Floor plans also give you a clear idea of how the inside and outside of the house will look. In Jaypee Kensington Park Plots Phase 2, the available units can be set up in one different way, and the floor plans can be one of one different size.The private home with one bedroom and one bathroom has a unique floor plan and can be bought in several different ways depending on how the floor plan is set up. It has 1377 square feet of space for living. Each floor plan comes with its bathroom, patio, and all the furniture.

Property Details

Project Type : Residential
Property Type : Residential Apartment
Payment Plan : Down Payment Plan
Project Area : 500
Total Tower : 10
Total Unit : 700
Configurations : 2 and 3 BHK Flats
Rera No : Not Applicable
Project Completed : November-2023
Project Status : Ready to move in
Address : Sector 131, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304

Project Specifications

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Floor Plans

Layout Plan & Location Map

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